Exterior Render, Credit 4D Studios

Verse - UDIA Medium Density Development Winner!

Burbank Urban are delighted to have won the UDIA Medium Density Development Award for Excellence in 2019 for Verse Townhouses, our latest in a long line of developments in Dandenong's award-winning master-planned community, Metro Village 3175.

The development sits within the former Dandenong Sale Yards that closed in 1998, leaving a vacant site with huge revitalisation potential in central Dandenong. Earmarked for the provision of diverse housing options, the precinct has been the subject of extensive renewal by Burbank Urban in collaboration with Development Victoria and the City of Greater Dandenong.

"Burbank Urban have been a key partner in the renewal of the Dandenong Sale Yards for many years now" said Jarrod Sanfilippo, Managing Director of the Burbank Group. "Delivering fantastic projects like Verse as part of a wider city shaping initiative has been a great privilege."

Verse comprises 27, three-storey townhouses in three modules with shared central access. With a brief to design more than a shared driveway, Genton have curated an elegant design response where functional soft and hard landscapes combine to create a truly usable communal space. Landscape treatments at main focal/arrival points have therefore been elevated to a signature of the development. The resulting design has transformed what would normally have been a rear access laneway into a quiet, green enclave that acts as a centrepiece for the development. The private open space of each townhouse deliberately faces inward towards this space to create an active, integrated area with a high level of passive surveillance.

"We are immensely proud of what we have achieved with Verse" said Ilya Iliadis, Burbank Urban's General Manager of Developments. "We set out with a vision to create something different for Dandenong, reimagining a tried and tested product to deliver something new with a high standard of quality, luxury and amenity. This award is recognition of the great work done by the entire project team."