With expertise spanning development and construction, Burbank Urban offer a comprehensive list of services to add value at every stage of the project life cycle.

End to end management of the development process, including: highest and best use assessment, feasibility, acquisition, design management, town planning approval, finance and partnership structuring, delivery and overall product oversight.
Project delivery in line with principal requirements, programme and budget.
Detailed due diligence to determine the feasibility of potential acquisitions, establishing the parameters for their financial success.
Creation of innovative urban outcomes which respond to unique site challenges using an extensive product library and tailored design solutions.
Innovative dwelling designs that are inspiring and environmentally sustainable, in line with planning and regulatory guidelines.
Refinement of conceptual designs to exceed project requirements, progressing to seamless documentation, procurement, value management and construction.
Efficient built form outcomes of the highest standard, delivered safely, on time and within budget.
Strategic market advice to drive sales and maximise returns, utilising local and international sales channels.
Effective marketing campaigns to maximize leads and strengthen the connection between the project brand and prospective purchasers.
Expertise in development agreements involving state and local governments to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes on strategic sites.
Opportunities for the creation of JV structures such as limited equity partnerships and SPVs, to deliver strong financial outcomes.
Avenues to partner with Registered Housing Associations to achieve affordable housing outcomes in mixed social and private projects.
Experience in delivering tailored solutions for organisations that provide housing for people with specific living requirements, incorporating Liveable Housing Australia (LHA) standards.
Re-development solutions for underutilised or surplus land holdings to create vibrant new communities.